The reason why some hypnosis scripts are better than others is due to the quality of the writer. Like any document- book, article or reference, the ability to engage all comes down to the skill with which the work was written.

Personally, I like to think that I’m quite good at writing- granted, my spelling isn’t all that, but I like to think that my work is intuitive, interesting and engaging.

When it comes to writing hypnosis scripts, the art of doing so, is greatly influenced by the writers skills and abilities, both as a writer, and as a hypnotherapist. If adequate training has been provided, then the writer will know that the ideal script should contain Milton Model patterns, linguistic presuppositions, embedded commands and sensory predicates. Take the following paragraph for example:

“That’s right, he kept relaxing, deeper and deeper as he inhaled the soft warm mist around him, calming him as he watched it gently moving and swirling round his feet. With each outward breath, the air moved and his tension left him, like an elastic band; letting go. It was only when he began to notice, that something truly amazing happened…”

Do you want to know what happened? I bet you do! And I’m not going to tell you!

The fact of the matter is this, you might be a qualified and competent hypnotherapist, or you might just dabble, having had no formal training. You might know about language patterns, and you might not. Those are things that you can all learn (anyone can) but the thing that will engage, entertain and above all set you apart from the other hypnotherapist from around the block is this:

It’s your imagination and the way in which you express it. And that my lovely reader is something that everyone has. Everyone has it, and only some of you dare to use it. A fraction of you, a very small margin of you, allow your mind to wander to the depths of the gloomiest and the vividness of the sparkliest areas of your mind.

Do you want more? Of course you do. You want to conjure up the magic in the minds of your clients that would put Harry Potter to shame, all in the beauty of your box-room office. You want to take them there and back again, leaving behind the sound of the kids in the street, the noisy motor bike, the chair, their bodies their minds and their problems.

How I wish I could impress upon you, the ability to create that magic. If I could give it to you as a medical dosage on a sugar pill that could be taken an hour before food for 15 days; then I would.
But the best I can do is this. I will write out the spells that you need. These are my hypnosis scripts for your perusal. Some are free, and others, you will have to pay for with gold. Or PayPal is also ok.

And I can offer you the training (15 days) so that you can learn to do all of this stuff for yourself.