There is an amazing breakthrough in the process of feminization – feminization hypnosis. Commonly, some men would simply undergo male to female surgery and modify their facial features and body contours. Some also opt to have hormonal injections to enhance their look. Today, a number of transgender, transsexuals and transvestites are discovering for themselves the good benefits they can gain from feminization hypnosis.

Feminization hypnosis is programming your subconscious mind to bring out the woman in you. Your mind and body can efficiently respond to affirmations and visualization when you are under hypnosis. At this stage, you are entering a relaxed environment where you can condition your mind to become the woman that you always wanted to be.

Your desire to become a feminine is very important in this process. An image of who you want to become should always be deeply imbedded in your subconscious mind. Feminization hypnosis unleashes your natural power to activate the flow feminized hormones into your entire being.

After a few successful sessions you would discover the woman in you that is there all along. You would begin to feel and act like a woman. In terms of emotional change, you would learn to become more sensitive, caring, thoughtful and other characteristics that a woman portrays. You would begin to exude the aura of a total woman. And with such an aura, you would gain the power of attraction.

You would not only benefit from feminization hypnosis in terms of behavioral transformation. A lot of people attest that they are experiencing physical improvements after undergoing feminization hypnosis.

You would soon sound like a woman with a higher and softer pitch. The way you walk would change drastically. The way you react to situations would be similar to that of a woman. In all you do, there is a touch of femininity that would surely be noticed by a lot of people. Your confidence would surely boost because of the overwhelming feminine aura within you. You would feel comfortable in your own woman skin. More importantly, you would soon achieve that x-factor that can naturally attract men.

With feminization hypnosis, you would indeed become the woman of your dreams. You can forget about wearing layers of make up or applying hormonal creams. You can enjoy your life as a woman in the most natural way. Allow your feminine side to surface and enjoy the pleasures of being a woman.