Transform Yourself: A self-hypnosis manual. New paperback! With audio CD. 


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Transform Yourself guides you safely into a complete understanding and experience of self-hypnosis.

Using simple, effective exercises, you will learn how to use auto-suggestion and the power of your unconscious
to create permanent, positive changes in all aspects of your life.
Transform Yourself includes an audio CD of guided inductions to help
you develop your own unique self-hypnosis practice.
Praise for Transform Yourself
“Patrick Marsolek is a master practitioner of the art and science of hypnosis who understands that self-hypnosis is an essential tool for all human beings wishing to fulfill their full potential on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In my view, what he has written here is really a user’s manual for those of us seeking a way to higher consciousness as well as a way to basic health and solid groundedness in our chosen and self-discovered selves”
– Will Michael, Ph.D., Founder and Director of the Institute of Holistic Living.
“Whether you have a simple curiousity or a serious desire to learn about self-hypnosis, Patrick Marsolek”s book and included CD of guided exercises, Transform Yourself, A Self-Hypnosis Manual, will work for you. It’s as though Patrick is in the room with you, guiding and encouraging you to experience changing your awareness without having to be unaware. As you learn to shift your knowing from exterior to interior insights, you”re able to make decisions and changes that are self instigated, not other directed. And, you can do these things in a manner that relaxes you, relieving mental chatter, stress, and anxiety.
“Though the twenty chapters and the six appendices may appear daunting, ignore them. Do the first couple of exercises in the book, use the accompanying CD, and you”re on your way. By being coached in using more than just the rational part of your brain’s funtioning, you”ll find your own pace and comfort level for getting what you want and need to help yourself. It is, however, a matter of doing–some reading but more doing. The more you do, the more you’ll find you can do, with Patrick helping all the way.”
 – Lynn B. Robinson, PhD – Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being Psychic
“Patrick Marsolek’s Transform Yourself is a well-researched, thorough exploration of this important subject, with more details about many aspects of learning self-hypnosis than I’ve seen in any book. His user-friendly writing style is engaging and clear. The excellent choice of relevant quotes of wisdom is an appealing feature at the beginning of each chapter and elsewhere. Adding further substance are the detailed appendixes, including definitions of hypnosis, many examples of auto-suggestions, and a complete glossary and bibliography. This is the best new book on self-hypnosis I’ve seen in years.”
 – Randal Churchill, Director, Hypnotherapy Training Institute – Author, Regression Hypnotherapy
“I enthusiastically endorse Patrick Marsolek’s Self-hypnosis Manual. This is more than a “how-to‚” manual. After an orientation to hypnosis, trance, the subconscious, and other relevant subjects, Patrick guides his readers in finding self-hypnosis techniques that work for them. Instead of simply teaching a number of self-hypnosis techniques (like most self-hypnosis manuals), it empowers the learner with an understanding of the induction process and the creation of individualized protocols. Furthermore, the Manual guides the reader through creating specific auto-suggestions to maximize therapeutic results.”
“The Manual also is exceptional in the way that it addresses fears and other hindrances to trance (e.g., beliefs and expectations), stresses the normality and benefits of self-induced trance, provides helpful application techniques (e.g., dealing with pain), discusses each induction technique, and promotes personal confidence in the process.”
“In sum, Patrick gives the requisite understanding and tools to be one’s own best self-hypnosis guide.”
 – Whitney Hibbard Ph.D., Author, Forensic Hypnosis


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