ROGUE HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUES book hypnotism trance suggestion subconscious


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ROGUE HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUES “Easily hypnotize others!….Easily be hypnotized by a friend!…Easily hypnotize yourself!…Attempt the impossible for the FIRST TIME!

shocking! disturbing! POWERFUL!!

EASY TO USE!! Written by T.L. Crim


Table of Contents include:

Introduction to rogue hypnosis, attempting the “impossible” with hypnosis, hypnosis technique number one, example for technique number one, hypnosis technique number two, example for technique number two, technique number three (self hypnosis), example for technique number three, how to use the hypnotic purposes in this book, a note on the qualifying questions or statements, the hypnotic purposes, becoming immortal, fast perfect health, becoming very wealthy, becoming super powerful/having power, becoming a vampire, becoming a psychic, becoming a man that all women desire, becoming a woman that men desire, power over all problems, stay same age/not age physically, supernatural abilities/control all things, make anything become true, chaning sexes (male to female transgender), changing sexes (female to male transgender), changing sexual orientation (multi-purpose), changing sexes (female to male transgender), controlling your mind and your thoughts, to conceive a child (for a woman), be in communication with a dead loved one ( in dreams), happiness/being happy/ending depression, accomplishing a feat of your choice, having no worries, be well-liked and respected by all people, influencing events outside of yourself with hypnosis, totally and completely possess someone, make somebody love you, improving somebody else’s health, ending a world confict, make somebody obey you, make huge amounts of money be attracted to you, causing two other people marry, formulating your own hypnotic questions and statements for your own unique purposes………..



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