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Want to achieve more? What do athletes, elite military units, astronauts, submariners have in common? They use self hypnosis to achieve more in less time. How do they do it?…Well, you’ll have to read more to find out.

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As the world figuratively shrinks because of advances in technology, more and more people find themselves having difficulty in keeping up. The old way of doing business and working is slowly but surely being replaced by telecommuting, work-at-home set-ups, and business process outsourcing.

The changing image of the corporate structure is evolving dynamically at a fast pace which results in a marked increase of people experiencing stress, frustration, and lack of self-esteem because of their inability to adapt to the new business lifestyle quickly.

To address the situation, almost all businesses establish self-improvement and training programs for old and new employees to shorten the learning and adaptation curve.

Most Fortune 500 corporations have included in their human resources training programs company-sponsored seminars on leadership development, personality enhancement, team building, and awareness using various methods and techniques.

Although the techniques have varying terminologies, it all boils down to assisting and equipping an individual on how to view from a different perspective the learning and experience processes they undergo and redirect them towards achieving excellence.

Redirection is the key factor in all these efforts because it is accomplished by employing hypnosis – in one form or another. Many people may disagree because there are those who still erroneously connote hypnosis with magic. This is totally false because hypnosis does not have anything at all to do with magic!

Medical science acknowledges the scientific basis of hypnosis and its positive effects on people.

Broadcast and print media, advertisements, are all used by multinational corporations to make us buy their products – for as long as you and I can remember. That is a form of hypnosis!

Various governments around the world, when they air their propaganda on national television and radio, employ hypnosis in one form or another to make us consent and agree to their programs of action.

Remember 9/11? Up to now, the image of the twin towers collapsing is etched in our minds. It is so vivid. Whether we admit it or not, that particular picture galvanized the peoples of the free world and made them go into action against terrorists. That is hypnosis!

Dentists use hypnosis not anesthesia on some of their patients in performing painless tooth extraction.

Going to a spa and immersing yourself in a weekend self-discovery relaxation program is considered a form of hypnosis.

It is therefore a given reality that hypnosis is already an integral part of our daily lives although it takes on myriad forms and fashion.

Athletes, elite military units, astronauts, submariners – all have undergone through hypnosis in one form or another during their training. How else do you think these people are able to perform beyond what we consider as normal?

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