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Hypnosis is a very old way to heal the mind of several new common problems. This technique has improved over the years and it is still a part of life making it better just like it

did in the past. It is healthy and productive making your mind work with itself. The effects it has on its patients influence others as well.


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Hypnosis has been used for thousands of years in almost all cultures of the world. The technique was invented mostly for healing purposes, but, over time, it changed and evolved towards something better. Not even the very popular magnetic eyes and the trick with the pendulum are used anymore. The one hundred-year-old way of trance induction has been replaced by more effective and applicable techniques of hypnosis.

Weather you believe it or not, hypnosis is used almost everyday on you and perhaps by you without even being aware of it. The once called “art” of hypnosis is now available for anyone to learn and it is 100% effective. There are hundreds of ways to perform hypnosis. Just think of commercials and cinema, of loosing weight, of releasing stress, of quitting smoking, of increasing self-esteem, of getting good grades or a job, of eliminating bad thoughts and obsessions from your life. Hypnosis can be therapeutic or it can be a way of life. You can either choose a professional to guide you or you can train yourself. Either way hypnosis doesn’t induce the well known from movies trance. The person under hypnosis is always conscious and in control of everything.

Hypnosis can help people reach their goals, just like manipulation. Because the human mind can be divided in the subconscious part and conscious part, and because each is different in functions, it means there are more ways of working with your brain. Hypnosis uses the subconscious, because, unlike the conscious, which directs an activity, it controls it. The unconscious psychical aspects, which don’t require involvement or control, can be dealt with through hypnosis.

Its popularity is increasing daily because of the major changes that can be done with it easily and quickly. Academic applications of hypnosis like: the apprehension of communication skills, memory development and removal of mental blocks, the elimination of stage fright and class participation fear can be very useful for children, but for grown-ups as well. Hypnosis is
great for those who need to enhance their motivation and improve their performances by overcoming their fears of public speech, of tests, of failure. Sometimes, the hypnosis helps you uncover the real mental problem and fix it.

The therapeutic effects of hypnosis are most appreciated by persons with addictions, emotional and stress disorders obsessions and habits. Without help the persons who suffer because of these problems don’t stand chance. Most know the torment of the desire or drive to commit the habit. Smoking, drinking and the unusual addictions to working or watching TV can be
cured with hypnosis by changing the subconscious motivation. For some, quitting is easy, but for others it can be difficult no matter what method they use. However, hypnosis makes the process easier because it goes to the ruts of the problem.

Interpersonal relationships are influenced by human behavior. In both carrier and romance the way we act and what we say is of high importance. The subliminal and supraliminal language is decisive in how you want people to see you. It is possible, with the help of hypnosis, to induce a certain image of yourself to those around you, but, because we can not be sure how
others think and how much we can control their actions, hypnosis can change your image of yourself. This might even be better. After all, the most important is what you think of yourself.
This way, through hypnosis, you will change yourself and the subliminal messages sent to others “controlling” them.

In conclusion, if hypnosis isn’t in your life already, it should be. The benefits can be huge and the amazing thing is that it helps you help yourself. It doesn’t matter what age you are, what you work or how many issues you have to solve, hypnosis is the healthiest therapy, guaranteed to give results.