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How a man used hypnosis to get free meals! Unbelievable!!

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Did you know that “pattern interrupts” are a hypnotist’s secret weapon to getting direct access to someone’s unconscious mind?

In fact they’re so powerful that many years ago a man, who was eventually caught and sent to jail, was using them to STEAL from tons
of restaurants.

More on that in a bit…

Pattern interrupts are so powerful because they work like this…

You break someone’s expectation of how a normal, everyday event should proceed by doing something highly unusual instead.

This creates momentary confusion of their conscious mind and opens a brief doorway to their unconscious mind.

At that precise moment you can then give instructions to their unconscious mind.

And it can be DEVASTATINGLY effective.

Take the man who was banged up in jail for using them. Turns out this dude was easily scamming restaurants left, right and centre. He’d go into expensive restaurants and begin to give an order to a waiter. Halfway through he’d do a pattern interrupt on the unsuspecting waiter. During the moment of confusion he’d give an instruction to ‘forget the bill’, then continue with the order as normal. 9 times out of 10, he’d simply walk out of the restaurant after eating all their nice chow and drinking their fine wine. And without paying a dime!

Of course when you use this kind of hypnosis power criminally, you’ll eventually end up getting busted.

And good job too.

But it doesn’t take away from the fact that pattern interrupts are an incredibly powerful way to access peoples’ unconscious minds whenever you need to.

In fact the friends of the greatest hypnotist of all time, Milton Erickson, use to REFUSE to shake his hand when they’d meet him!

That’s because he’d often have fun using pattern interrupts on them and then instructing them to do little tasks for him.

Mind you that crafty old wizard had so many conversational hypnosis tricks anyhow – if he really wanted to chat with their unconscious minds he could easily have done so – and without them realizing it either!

That’s the beauty of conversational hypnosis – people believe the instructions YOU give them are their idea.

Which is pretty handy!

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