Hypnosis is a process of speaking to the subconscious mind rather than conscious mind, in order to achieve a goal or change their views on an idea.

This can be done by someone else or by one’s self. The one done by one’s self is called self hypnosis.

You can also do it by yourself. To start self hypnosis, understand its basic knowledge as mentioned below:

• What is?

Self hypnosis is hypnosis done by a person to himself relaxing and inducing himself into a hypnotic state. By doing self hypnosis, the person can realign his subconscious thinking with what his conscious mind wants his subconscious to think.

The process can help improvement in various areas, including health.

• The use

Hypnosis helps relaxing and calming. This makes hypnosis, particularly self hypnosis be chosen as a way of reducing stress.

The other benefits of self hypnosis are to help people quit smoking and losing weight.

Actually, other goals excluding health are also possible. Many people use it to do better at work or school.

Shortly, self hypnosis will give good result in a wide-ranging part of your life.

• Concerns

There are many concerns on hypnosis. One of them is the fear of having the mind controlled, especially if you have seen a stage hypnotist act. Actually, this fear shows you that you can do self hypnosis easier. Because, you are in complete control of everything that happens.

The other one is the fear of being unable to wake up while being hypnotized. Actually, no need to concern about that. Remember that when you take a nap, even if you don’t tell yourself to wake up, you still do naturally wake up. Also, you’ll still feel hungry, thirsty and tired. So, your body is still functioning. Your body would simply wake you up naturally.

• To start

Simply get into a comfortable position. Bring yourself in a hypnotic state, one in which your brain is very focused and concentrated on one thought. While in the hypnotic state, make suggestions to yourself, as in your script. Wake yourself up, with a slow counting sign. In this step, it may be helpful to add in a bit of the script – I will wake up and I will feel energized to work on my goal.

• The magic words

Your script is the set of magic words you say to yourself during hypnosis. It is a lot better to repeat them at intervals throughout the day, just like a mantra.

A good script is something short. It should be short enough to be easily memorized. It has also to be positive. Don’t use negative form. It has also to be as if you’ve already completed a part of your goal.

You don’t actually need to believe your script. It is there to convince you of what you are saying. If you’ve already believed it, you wouldn’t need to keep repeating it to yourself.